About Us

At The Rehab and Physiotherapy, we believe that quality service can be made affordable too. A more valuable and less invasive way where our clients are able to appreciate. We are passionate about it and our mission is to make The Rehab and Physiotherapy the most sought after physiotherapy and rehabilitation service in Malaysia.

We have developed a team of highly trained, certified and qualified like-minded physiotherapists that are able to bring our clients the level of care that they deserve. We strive to make our services ready and available to all levels of the community.

We abide in a strict standard operating procedure (SOP) and we are rigorous in our records. To date, we have over 100 happy and satisfied clients. Our focus is on becoming the centre that provides diversified healthcare service in Malaysia. We believe that we can, as this has been what we have been doing since 2020!

Alhamdulillah rasa selesa sangat pagi ke sana kesini pun laju je.. kene biasa kan diri balance kan kegunaan kaki kiri dan kanan. Dah biasa berat kn kanan Terima Kasih



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